Inventori blockchain strategy

The role of blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important in the traceability of supply chains. The application of technology allows easier transparency in the supply chain, thus increasing trust between the actors are involved in the process.

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The origin

Standardized traceability systems have already been widely used by hundreds of thousands of companies globally in the agriculture and food industry.

The traceability comes at a cost:

Heavy documentation, data management and audit requirements have to be met by the applicants that want to prove the origin of their products so customers can purchase them with a good feeling.

The founder and CEO of our company has been auditing agricultural companies for more than 15 years. Our platform has reached a state that allows stakeholders to use interconnected, easy-to-use tracking systems to forget about time-consuming administration and easily pass audits. – so the Inventori platform has been born.

Our mission

Our goal is to combine modern IT infrastructure and technologies, like blockchain, with market expertise, to create a trusted platform for these companies so that they can focus on what they do best – their business and products.

Our blockchain strategy

Blockchain technology has been created as an alternative to centrally compromisable IT infrastructures. Transactioning in a decentralized manner was just the first use case of the technology, since then it was proven that the architectural concept change has benefits across many different industries.

We would like to bring these benefits to the supply chain industry, combined with our digitised solution so we can not only ease the daily operation, but increase security and trust across all the stakeholders.  

Who can we help?

  • Companies engaged in production, processing and trade increasing consumer trust
  • Innovative supply chain companies looking for the benefits of the blockchain technology
  • Large enterprises looking for more efficient partner operations
  • Standardized traceability system owners looking for enhancing trust in their systems
Our company solves blockchain integration with the following types of solutions:

Proof of origin

Products are represented digitally in a distributed ledger infrastructure which details are publicly verifiable for external parties through a unique product identifier. Transportation and storage details are also attachable to the given product.

The blockchain digitalisation of a product allows the unique and immutable record of a product validating the origin, the single-existence and the secure product life cycle recordings.

Proof of transaction

Avoiding potential disputes across supply chain participants, the transactions between the parties can be verified utilising an immutable ledger, making sure that there are no misunderstandings across the players

Proof of transaction in consortium

In addition to the basic proof of transaction model, we are providing a permissioned distributed ledger infrastructure with internal data access governance.

Transaction details are visible across selected parties, however, in a limited nature where public details are accessible to anyone in the same setup, but certain details are limited to the given stakeholders only.

Applied technologies

Our solutions are built in a blockchain agnostic manner so we can reflect on changing market sentiment and custom client requirements drived by their preferred necessities. In order to match the requirements, we combine public and consortium technologies.

Want to know which blockchain solution can help your business?

If you have any questions about this topic, write to us at or contact us on Facebook and we will get back to you shortly!

In our next article, we write about perhaps the biggest trend in asset digitalization in 2021, non-fungible tokens (NFT tokens). Stay tuned and find out how NFTs can be applied in your business.

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