Blockchain powered sustainable production tracking platform
Why we do this? why
People are interested in the origin of the products
People care about food safety
People care about the sustainability of primary production
Existing standardized traceability systems standards
Problems with supply chain traceability problems
Fragmented and competitive
Low transparency, the different standardized processes do not conform to each others
Repeating data uploading demands
Unstandardized documentation requirements
Result (Current State) CURRENT
Frequent and costly process monitoring
Mistakes and frauds
Excessive documentation and audit overhead resulting in wasted resources and unnecessary carbon footprint
Our mission & goal MISSION

Accelerate the consumption of sustainable production and increase awareness and responsibility for the health of the planet and our people. Our goal is to build a transparent, bulletproof, but also easy to access supply chain traceability platform to streamline the process of inventory management, certificate registry and product origin validation, that is operating across nations on a global level.

How it is built? platform
• The Inventori platform is built by utilizing decentralized distributed ledger technology

Goods are recognised and tracked digitally on the same infrastructure network across unlimited number of stakeholders

• The tamper proof blockchain infrastructure is eliminating chances for fraud or misbehaviour

• Cryptographic principles are taking care of confidential business information

• The open source network provides free access for the public for origin validation
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EU logo logo This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under project Block.IS (grant agreement No 824509).
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